Delicious Chocolate Pudding for the Christmas Dinnertable

by Danine Vos

Ahhhhh, yeah it's almost Christmas!  And you know you want to eat something delicious while the atmosphere is just right... Christmas lights flashing, Christmas tree decorated with shiny balls, you got nostalgic Christmas music playing on the hi-fi system, and you're wearing that dancing Santa Clause hat that has its own flashing lights and music.  Ok, scratch the Santa Clause hat;  that's a bit over the top.

Anyway, getting back to the delicious Christmas meal you are preparing... mmmmm-mmmmm, it's going to be delicious, and you want to top it off with a great dessert!  Ice cream and chocolate sauce you say?  Bleh, boring.  You need something like a brown sponge pudding... yeah, there we go! 

Maybe you are blessed to have someone who can bake you a Christmas pudding made with love, maybe you can do it yourself.  If you just want to buy something delicious, I discovered something delicious at the store about two days ago!   And it surprized me with its utter deliciousness. 

It is the MINI CHOCOLATE PUDDING from Checkers Hyper ;  "a decadent chocolate sponge pudding, drenched in a creamy chocolate sauce".  

Yeah, you've probably seen all those desserts and stuff in Checkers Hyper, and wondered if they were even nice.  Well some may have differing degrees of niceness, but this "Mini Chocolate Pudding" one truly is! 

My first bite surprized me beyond expectation.  It is the moistest, most delicious chocolate cake I have ever eaten!  And I mean ever.  I've become used to chocolate cake being a nauseating thing that gets stuck in your throat and makes you want to hurl.  Now, I look at the world of chocolate cake as a world of hope, of delight, of a moment of joyful experience!  It all just depends on the cake and how successful the recipe is and how successful it was executed. 

These mini chocolate puddings are a perfect dessert for the Christmas dinner table.  You can eat them cold, at room temperature, or heat them up for just a minute or so in the microwave oven.   Eating it cold is utmostly delicious, and heating them up and then eating them almost changes the experience to another kind of delight!

I would recommend though that if you do heat them up, that you add some warm vanilla custard to them too.  It's like when it's served cold, you think of it as chocolate cake, but when it's hot, you think of it as a chocolate sponge pudding and instinctively you require a delicious custard poured over it.