How to Transport Eggs: Egg Carrier Case

by Sam Worthington

How many eggs have you broken in your life?  Can't even count them?  How many of those eggs were broken during transit?

Well we've all broken eggs while trying to transport them from one place to another.  Breaking a few eggs have become one of life's natural occurings.   There's even a saying, something in the line of not being able to accomplish anything without breaking a few eggs. 

Maybe you went hiking and tried to put eggs in your backpack, maybe in a bag or in the carton box you bought it in.  And when you got to your destination, some of them were broken.  :(

But, the other day while strolling through the store, I believe I might have found the solution to transporting eggs safely.  The product did not have a brand name;  it just said "EGG CARRIER" on the packaging.  Bingo!  

This yellow egg carrier is in the shape of a small suitcase, while at the same time being shaped like eggs.   It is made of a hard plastic so that when it's carried in a backpack for example, none of your other items can damage the precious eggs inside. 

On the inside, the eggs fit perfectly into spherical halves on both the lid and the bottom of the unit. 

To accommodate varying egg sizes and to create impact absorption, the top spherical halves have a circle of very thin, very flexible shock absorbers, that support the eggs gently.  

Two handles on both the top and bottom part of the egg carrier, come together to form one convenient handle to carry the unit by.  What's good about this is that even if the two latches that keep the unit closed weren't properly clicked in, the way you carry this by keeping both the top and bottom of this little suitcase together by the two handles, should keep it shut. 

Along the center of the unit, when it is shut, there are two pillars that will resist quite a lot of pressure from anything that is placed on top of this unit, or pressing against it.  Your eggs should be safe inside this egg carrier. 

One of these little suitcases holds one dozen eggs. 

So, if you have chickens in a cage at your home and you go take out eggs every day, or you need to travel or hike with eggs, an egg carrier like this will enable you to carry your eggs around in the most convenient fashion.