Good spices for chicken: Which is a nicer spice for chicken; Portuguese Chicken Seasoning or Traditional Braai Mix?

by Jaques van der Linde

Chicken... There problaby isn't a diet in the world that doesn't involve chicken. We all love chicken! Poor birds, the poor things just live for our consumption. At least their life has purpose.

Now there are so many ways to flavour chicken that it can sometimes be a mission on its own to decide.

There are many spices on the market that just plain says "Chicken Spice". Convenient!

But what else is there?

I thought I'd try out a few not so common "chicken spices", and today I'm going to compare these two:

Portuguese Chicken Seasoning from Robertsons, The Spice People; and Traditional Braai Mix from the MasterBlends For Braai range from Robertsons, The Spice People.

Yes, that's quite a long name on both sides, so from here on we'll refer to Portuguese Chicken Seasoning and Traditional Braai Mix.

Well, let the battle begin!

Who's gonna win the taste battle? The Portuguese Chicken Seasoning or the Traditional Braai Mix?

First up: The Traditional Braai Mix.

So, first I'm putting chicken pieces, which are drumsticks and thights, in a glass bak, and I sprinkle the Traditional Braai mix over it.

Now I bake it for almost an hour and a half at 180 degrees Celsius. Note I did not preheat the oven so it's probably just an hour of baking.

And now I'm eating it.

IT'S HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Really disgusting. This Traditional Braai Mix doesn't at all go with chicken.

It's my recommendation never to use the Traditional Braai Mix with chicken.

Ok, now it's the next day. Now I'm again baking some chicken, sprinkled with the Portuguese Chicken Seasoning.

What's it taste like?

Well, the Portuguese Chicken Seasoning definitely goes better with chicken than the Traditional Braai Mix, but unfortunately it seems in this case, "Portuguese" means burn.

It's a bit burny for me. Or hot or however you put it. It's like I put hot burning pepper or something over it.

I'm afraid I don't like it at all. I'm sure some people will like their chicken to burn their mouth, but personally I just don't like it.

I'm afraid none of these spices are for me when it comes to my chicken dishes. It's just not in my taste.

Now what is the Traditional Braai Mix good for if not for chicken?

Well, the next day I try it on some lamb chops which I also bake in the oven for an hour and a half.

Ok, now THIS is goooooooood good!

This Traditional Braai Mix gives it almost a slightly sweet taste, and it goes VERY well with the sheep meat.

So, in conclusion, although the Traditional Braai Mix is horrible on chicken as far as my taste goes, it's absolutely delicious on mutton. Definitely recommended.

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