Santa's Trading Co. Candle Lamps Battery Operated

by Samantha Mendez

Every year I add just one or two more items to my collection of Christmas decorations.  Christmas decorations are kind of a good investment, as in that you can use items from the same collection year in and year out for all of your life, as they (the indoors ones anyway) don't seem to have a limited lifespan.

Recently I found the Santa's Trading Company Battery Operated Candle Lamps.

The Santa's Trading Co. Battery Operated Candle Lamps look all shiny and attention-grabbing, and fit in perfectly with virtually any other decorations. 

These candle lamps can be placed on an ornament table, placed on top of a fireplace, on a window sill, on a piano, well, just anywhere really. 

I wouldn't use them on a table where people are having their meal though, because at this time it doesn't seem that they sell them with diffused globes, only clear ones.  This makes you see the bright wire inside and it may be a bit bright on your eyes. 

However, it seems like a pretty standard 3 volt globe that's screwed in there, so you could probably replace it perhaps with an orange one that has been coated with translucent paint on the inside of the globe, so it's not so bright on your eyes. 

To operate the candle lamp, simply unscrew the top part that holds the globe.  Now you can slide 2 AA batteries into the body of the candle. 

Replace the top and viola!  It shines bright like a Christmas star. 

I would warn though that not all AA batteries are equal.  It's probably not my imagination that some are slightly fatter than others, and that may cause a problem with these candle lamps.  One pair of batteries I tried damaged the small strip of metal that is on the inside of the lamp, especially when I tried to take them out.  Now it's a bit of a problem for that candle lamp because it won't work if it doesn't have all the small metal bits in place on the inside. 

In fact, I was going to write a different review of these candle lamps because of that experience, and the trouble I had closing the top and getting the candle lamp to work, had it not been for a much easier experience with another of these lamps.  Maybe it was a defective unit, or fat batteries.  Dunno really what went wrong to damage one of my candle lamps, but the others work just fine and easy.

One improvement they might make to these candle lamps is to add an on and off switch to the base or bottom.  As it is, once you put the batteries in, it shines with no way to turn it off other than to take out the batteries. 

With a cheap pair of AA batteries, they state on the packaging that the lamp should emit light for 8 to 12 hours, and using Alkaline batteries that time is extended to 12 to 20 hours. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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