Learn Afrikaans phrases lesson 1

by Afrikaners is plesierig

Learn these easy Afrikaans phrases! First is the Afrikaans sentence, then as close to what it might sound like with English spelling, then the English translation. Enjoy!

Wat is jou naam? [Vaht ihs yo naahm?] - What is your name?

Aangename kennis! [ Aahnchenaahmih kennihs! (note the "ch" is pronounced the scottish way and not like in "channel")

My naam is Jan. [May naahm ihs Yahn.] - My name is Jan.

Wie is jy? [ Vee ihs yay? ] - Who are you?

Ek is Sarie. [ Ack ihs Saahrrree. (note the r is not a rolling sound but a fast vibrating sound.) - I am Sarie.

Is jy Johannes? [ Ihs yay Yoohaahnihs? ] - Are you Johannes?

Nee, ek is nie Johannes nie. [ Nee-ih, ack ihs nee Yoohahnihs nee. ] - No, I am not Johannes.