Learn Afrikaans phrases lesson 2

by Afrikaners is plesierig

Learn these easy Afrikaans phrases! First is the Afrikaans sentence, then as close to what it might sound like with English spelling, then the English translation. Enjoy!

Wie is dit? [ Vee ihs diht? ] - Who is it?

Dit is Janette. [ Diht ihs Yah-net. ]

Is dit Koos? [ Ihs diht Coo-ihs? ] - Is it Koos?

Nee, dit is nie Koos nie. [ Knee-ih, diht ihs knee Coo-ihs knee. ] - No, it is not Koos.

Waar kom jy vandaan? [ Vaahrrr (note the r is not a rolling sound but a fast vibrating sound.) kom (the o is pronounced a short "aww" and also doesn't sound anything like "aah") yay fahn daahn? ] - Where do you come from?

Ek is van Suid-Afrika af. [ Ack ihs fahn Suhid Aahfreekaah ahf. ] - I am from South Africa.