Meet Elvis Presley's Daughter, Lisa Marie Presley

by Henry Stolkin

Lisa Marie Presley describes her childhood years as very confusing.

Her parents were divorced when she was five years old, after her mother had had an affair with a karate instructor. 

After the divorce, Lisa Marie spent half her time at Graceland with her father, Elvis Presley, and the other half with her mother in Beverly Hills. 

There were no limitations imposed on her at Graceland.  Liza Marie could stay awake all night, sleep all day, never take a bath if she didn't want to, and be absolutely useless if she so desired. 

Music was an escape for her.  She listened to records of Elvis Presley, Sweet Inspirations, Neil Diamond, Elton John etc.  Elvis also sang a lot of gospel songs in the home. 

According to Lisa Marie, the stage persona of Elvis Presley was nothing insincere - off the stage, his personality would bowl you over too. 

Elvis always made Lisa Marie sing in front of people, or play the piano. 

When Elvis was traveling, Lisa Marie had to play what she had learned at her piano lessons, over the phone to him. 

Her best memory is how Elvis would sit in her room with her, and when she would wake up at night and see him sitting there.  He wanted to be close to her. 

(Today, Graceland is open to the public, but not the top storey where two rooms are;  that of Elvis and that of Lisa Marie.)

Lisa Marie has been married quite a few times, to various characters:

From 1988 to 1994, Lisa Marie was married to Danny Keough, a scientologist.  They also married in a Scientology church.

They had two children.

However, the marriage failed.  In her words, they were "oil" and "water" and it wasn't meant to be. 

From 1994 to 1996, she was married to Michael Jackson. 

According to Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson was a very loving person.  And, she insists he was NOT gay. 

However, according to Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson's following came between them and they divorced in 1996. 

She tried to ban her marriage to Michael Jackson from memory, but it all came flooding back in 2009 when Michael Jackson died and the news was everywhere. 

In 2006, Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Lockwood in 2006 and had twins.  At current writing, this is still her husband. 

It is a strict personal policy of Lisa Marie Presley to never discuss religion, or answer questions about religion. 

The latest work in her music career, is the album Storm & Grace.  The theme of this album serves to remind us that Lisa Marie Presley is at heart a simple Southern girl whose earliest musical memories are of obsessively listening to 45’s in her bedroom at Graceland and of her dad catching her singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror at the age of three.