Make Your Home Smell Good Without Air Fresheners: Scented Candles

by Yusra Agnew

We've all become accustomed to air fresheners.  Usually they are in a spray.  For the past decade or more we've also seen them as automatic units that spray by themselves every half an hour or less.

Maybe that works for you, but those always need replacing, not to mention they don't come cheap, nor their refills. 

Is there something that will last longer? 

There sure is. 

I'm sure we all know about those aromatic candles... yummy, vanilla is my favorite... you simply light the candle and your room smells like pure delight. 

Buuuuuut.... naah, those will burn up and then they are no more.  Still too quick a scent for too much money. 

So, is there something better that will smell good for months and months without needing replacement? 

Yes, there is.  I believe I found what I need. 

It is manufactured by Price's Candles in Johannesburg, with their candles for sale in all your usual supermarkets.

What makes their candles any better than those I've mentioned before that you light up and enjoy the blissfull scent? 

Well, Price's Scented Candles do not need to be lit. 

When you buy them in their packaging, they look exactly like normal candles.  And they are.  They are to be used as ordinary candles. 

But for our purposes of using them as air fresheners, we're not going to light them.  You can simply use one candle as an ornament in a room, placed in a candle holder or whichever other ornament.

And that's that.  From now on, whenever you enter the room, you will enjoy the scent of whichever flavor you purchased.  I purchased myself for example the Berry Scented Candles.  They leave the sweet smell of berries in the room, and that is without ever having been lit.  

In fact, I've done this about a month or more ago, and the scent is still strong and delicious and obviously not going to die down soon.  

I would however recommend you use only one candle per room.  If you have a chandelier that takes five candles, I'd recommend you use four regular candles and let only the other one be a Price Scented Candle.  Otherwise the scent may become just too overbearing in a room, especially if you do not have proper ventilation in the room.

And viola!  Your room smells just delightful, and much cheaper and longer lasting than any of those air freshener sprays or pinetree shaped smelly cutouts.  Not to mention if you put a scented candle in a proper fashionable candlestick or chandelier, it obviously looks MUCH more classy than the aforementioned cheaplooking fixes.