SKECHERS 52680/BRBK VIGOR AIR Air-Cooled Memory Foam shoes: Goodlooking shoes but very slippery!

by Marius Mooifontein

I bought myself the SKECHERS 52680/BRBK VIGOR AIR Air-Cooled Memory Foam shoes, and I'm very pleased with this buy. The shoes look great and they feel comfortable enough. I get lots of compliments on how good they look.

But they're unfortunately not just fantastic only. One problem with them might be that they are VERY slippery on wet floors, especially tiled floors or concrete slabs in the rain.

I hope this is just when the shoes are new, and improve when the soles have been walked in a bit. As it is, the soles are rather hard and one may fall very easily on smooth surfaces.

Still, I'll keep believing and see if they improve as the soles get worn underneath. Maybe they'll be rougher or softer and more clingy.

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