Big sound from a small speaker: JBL GO2 Portable Bluetooth Grab and Go Speaker

by Jeremy Joller

This is a very small speaker, yet the sound coming out of it might surprize you thoroughly! I was especially surprized at how rich and full of bass the sound coming out of it sounds. Doesn't sound like it's coming out of this small device at all!

We used it at a Christmas party in a large room, playing music off of a smartphone connected to the speaker via Bluetooth, and it was loud enough and sounded very much like we had rented one of those large speakers on a stand.

Must say this speaker will from now on make for a very convenient, much simplified sound setup in many situations.

The only drawback I can see is if you want to make use of the stereo effect and you want the left and right soundtracks to be coming from opposite directions of the room, then obviously you don't want all the sound coming out of a single device like this.

But for most all situations you'd like sound for, this device will do just perfectly. Surprizingly good!

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