Store your music, photos & videos on the PREMIO 32GB Micro SDHC Card (including SD Adapter)

by Henry Skollenfus

There are many microSD cards available on the market, at various prices, capacities and speeds. And before you know it, you need one for your phone, computer, mp3 player or small video playback device.

Recently I ran into this one:

Good product. Does what it's supposed to. I'm quite happy.

Only drawbacks might lie with what you want to use it for. This will do fine for music, photos and downloaded videos that don't have a very high bitrate, but if for example you want to use this in a high end 4K action camera like the dji Osmo action camera for example, you might want a card with a faster read and write speed if you are going to want the action camera to play your recorded video back for you.

In such a case, you might rather get yourself something like Sandisk Extreme MicroSDXC cards. They're lightning fast and currently comes in an up to 1TB capacity (make sure your device can take such a high capacity card).

But for normal data storage, this PREMIO MicroSDHC card does just fine and is much lower priced.

It's a class 10 card and its speeds are up to 50MB/s read speed, and up to 10MB/s write speed.

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