How to Do Your Own Washing Using a Whirlpool Washer

by Jason Sterling

Did your mom always wash your clothes?  Or the servants?  Or are you lucky enough to live in a hotel or guest house and there are people who do your laundry for you?

Sounds fun.  But then, one day you go live out on your own;  buy your own washing machine;  or you don't want to spend any more extra money on people or laundry services that eat up your money. 

It is then that you may want to learn how to do your own washing using a washing machine.  For our example we're going to use a top loader Whirlpool.  The basic concepts of using an automated washing machine should be roughly the same for many models.  

1.  Open the lid of your washing machine.  Pour in your washing powder.  The packaging of your washing powder should have instructions printed on it indicating the amount of powder needed.  Concentrated powders need a much smaller amount of it used.  The amount of powder also depends on water hardness.   

You may find that some people add their clothes first and then pour the powder in.  Personally I find that that creates white undiluted powder stains on your clothes that remain on them when you're done washing your clothes.  Pouring the powder in first solves this problem. 

2.  Pour in some fabric softener.  Again the packaging will show how much.  

3.  Load in your clothes. 

Do not load too much in.  The clothes need to have space so it can be free to swirl around in there, otherwise it will not be washed properly.

Only load either your dark clothes or lighter clothes in at a time.  Clothing's color wash out in the wash and these colors in the water will stain the other clothes around it.  Most noticably white clothes will show when it's been in the water with other colored clothing, so wash your whites seperately.   

Close the lid of the washing machine.  

4.  Select the wash load size.  This determines how much water the machine will use.  If you're washing one or two items, you do not need the whole machine to fill up with water;  just a small amount will do.  For a full load, choose the maximum size. 

(There should also be a dial with water temperature;  hot, cold and two settings inbetween.  Refer to the labels on your clothing if you are going to sort your washing out according to temperature first;  otherwise just select cold.)

5.  Use the dial to select a wash cycle and pull out the knob to start it.  "Regular" will swirl the clothes around as much as needed, while something like "Permanent Press" or "Knits" will be much calmer and gentler. 

Once you pull out the knob, the water should start pouring in. 

Once the machine has enough water in it, it should automatically start washing. 

6.  Now wait for the wash cycle to finish.  When it's done washing, it will pour out the dirty water through a pipe connected to the machine.  Make sure that this pipe is properly secured in an unblocked, unhindered sink.  

The washing machine will then automatically go through a rinse and spin cycle. 

7.  When done, simply take the clothes out and hang it on the washing rail outside, or simply use a tumble dryer to dry it.  If you take your dry clothes out of the tumble dryer while it's still beaming hot and fold it up neatly immediately, you may find that it doesn't really need ironing.  Otherwise, iron your clothes.  

Viola!  One more week's clean clothing.

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