FUNNY RUBBISH: Today’s short story: The Vampire Diary of Jacob Edwards

by Bloofy

Dear Diary,

Last night was terrible. I flew in bat form around the city all night, but didn’t find one lady pretty enough to suck dry.

I took my empty container along and everything, only to bring the thing back again still empty.

The first lady I saw was a fat blonde biatch. Although she’s ugly enough to bite in the neck………

You know what? I don’t like today’s story: The Vampire Diary. I don’t really like stories about killing and drinking blood. It's nauseating.

So let’s change it to Today’s short story: The chick.

The little chick walked around on the farm, yellow and fuzzy as he was. He saw some corn and wanted to peck it up.

But what’s this he find? This kernel of corn can talk! And jump away. What’s going on here?

He chases after it, curious to know where it’s going.

To be continued. Whenever. Don’t hold your breath.

Ps: Sorry to have wasted your time with garbage like this. It really was pointless.

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