FUNNY RUBBISH: The upsetting story of my youth, chapter 1 by Darles Chickens

by Bloofy

“Toktoraoke!!!!”, says one of the roosters on a farm somewhere in the Southern parts of some continent.

(He means to crow. That’s why he says that Chinese word.)

Meanwhile, a happy couple (of humans) are making their way over to a delightful, pastel khaki-green Mercedes with reddish leather seats. They sure did enjoy their time here on the farm.

They drive away, oblivious to the baby they had forgotten behind.

And isn’t this baby beautiful! Yes it is. It is me. All alone and helpless, with nothing to eat.

Fortunately, a pack of roosters take pity on me. Somehow, their instinct make them keep a snake or three away from my helpless, oblivious self.

Whatever will happen to me now? Will my parents ever come back? Maybe they did, but couldn’t find me again as the pack of roosters had dragged me into a hen den for the night.

But being raised by a pack of roosters has its advantages. We’ll get into that in the next chapter. Which I'm never going to write. So this is how the story ends. The end.