FUNNY RUBBISH: Wild Adventures Chapter 1: Skukuza

by Bloofy

VROOOOOOOM!!!! says the turbo added motorcar.

Then it comes to a halt.

Out jumps three children.

Their names are Big Ben, Sexuki and Fini. (Please note Sexuki is pronounced by pronouncing the x as a clicking sound, as in certain African languages.)

Ah, they’re almost there. They wanted to come to Skukuza, but stopped just a few steps short of the gate.

They take a picture of the gate. Yup, now everybody on social sites that actually let their members post pictures with their posts, will know that Big Ben, Sexuki and Fini have actually been to Skukuza.

What strange and weird adventures await them here?

They get back into the car and drive the few metres until they find themselves in the gate. Skukuza, we have arrived!