FUNNY RUBBISH: Wild Adventures chapter 5: Death comes from the air

by Bloofy

Big Ben, Sexuki and Fini are still enjoying their African Safari on foot.

Suddenly, there’s a rumbling in the distance.

Fini grabs the hands of Big Ben.

“Help! Help!”, says she, “It’s the end of the world! Aliens have come to eat us!!!”

“No you silly child”, says Big Ben. “It’s a helicopter coming in the distance. It’s somebody coming to kill half the animals so that they don’t overpopulate.”

“Ohh”, says Fini, “Well that’s much less scary.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm”, says Sexuki, “I wonder what animal they’re looking for? There’s a rhino over there for example. Is he one too many?”

Yup, it indeed seems so. Black men from across the border lean out of the helicopter and shoot dead the beautiful rhinoceros with a bazooka, taking special care to destroy its body from the middle down to the tail. The head with the valuable horn is obviously not damaged.

Well, that will teach such an animal to live, think our three children. It’s the right thing that it was maimed in such a horrible fashion, or it might have divided like a bacterium and multiplied too overpopulatingly.

But is that what happened? Something in the air dictates fowl play…