FUNNY RUBBISH: Wild Adventures Chapter 6: RHINO POACHERS!!! WHAAAAAA!!!!!

by Bloofy

Our three children have watched the rhino get destroyed from the air, still believing in the credibility of the process.

However, the helicopter doesn’t fly away and go kill some more animals. Instead, it comes to land. Why would it do that?

“Ah,” thinks Sexuki, “they’ve come to make sure the animal’s mutilated remains aren’t somehow still alive. That’s good.”

The black men jump out of the helicopter with sawing equipment of various sorts. It takes only minutes for them to remove the rhino’s horn from its nose.

Big Ben doesn’t want to alarm the other two, but he has some suspicion that these aren’t wonderful animal murderers after all. They’re evil poachers!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!