My Genuine Grasshoppers: "The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever Made"

by Marius Duvenage

About six months ago, I wanted some comfortable shoes.

Now usually when we think of comfortable shoes, everybody just wants to go grab a pair of sneakers or tekkies or tennis shoes at the store.  Viola, comfort.  Right? 

Well, you can't wear tennis shoes everywhere and with everything.  Besides, sneakers are really for kids.  Right?  Meh.  Ok, anybody can wear it if they're looking to look casual. 

Can formal leather shoes be as comfortable? 

Well, it seems if you get yourself the right pair of genuine Grasshoppers, then they can be as their slogan says, "The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever Made".  Ok, "comfortable" is subjective, but let's just say I'm pretty comfortable in my pair of Grasshoppers. 

(If these in the photograph look a little worn, believe me they are!  The places they've been and the stories they could tell...)

It all happened one fine day, when I was looking for casual going-to-town shoes.  Perhaps some Bronx shoes... yep, that's about all there was in my size.  No matter which is your size, they always have all the other sizes but not yours.  But a nice pair of Bronx's they had, in a tekkie.  Not too bad.  These will do. 

And then I saw a tower of shoeboxes they had packed in the middle of the floor.  Yellow boxes of Grasshoppers.  Haven't worn a pair of Grasshoppers since my high school days.  I always associated them since with "school" shoes. 

But what is a "school" shoe?  Isn't it just a nice, formal shoe?  And since it's been years I've been to high school, have "school" shoes changed since those days? 

I take a few pairs out of their boxes.  Good gravytrain, yes they have changed!  I remember shoes as a heavy, hot, rather uncomfortable thing.  Yet these Grasshoppers nowadays, they are so light!

The extreme lightweight struck me first.  And then, the aesthetic beauty.  These Grasshopper leather shoes from my school days used to be simple and sterile looking.  Not no more!  They're stylized, and even though they still have that look of class, they also look... more beautiful. 

And the feel of the pair I'm feeling is one of soft leather. 

For the first time in years, I fit on a pair of Grasshoppers again.  And I fell in love with it immediately.  Only thing I worried about at first was that the soles of the shoe might be slippery, especially when dirty.  But, somehow I instinctively knew that this is the pair of shoes I want. 

And 6 months later, I can say I have not regretted it by a long shot.  They have only become more comfortable as the leather has been stretching and getting soft, and those "slippery" soles aren't slippery at all;  it seems they now make them from a very lightweight material that is hard and soft at the same time.  I've gone mountainclimbing with these and they seem to grip the rocks and ground just right. 

I love this pair of shoes.  It's one of my most favorite and most functional now.  If these shoes could talk!  They could tell about everywhere they've been now and what they had to go through.  Yep, a wild adventure ride it was indeed, and still, whenever it seems they've had it, all I do is clean them with a quick shoe polish wax and viola!  They're beautiful as ever. 

A very good buy for the use I get out of them.

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