FUNNY RUBBISH: The Simpsons: Is it worth suffering for?

by Brock Sampton

Sooooooo tired.....

well, actually today I'm not all that tired since I slept until 7:30.

But many times I have to get up at 6am and then it's heck. I feel so tired all day, I can barely think straight.

Is the problem health related?

No, It's Simpsons related. The Simpsons is on from 22:30 until around 23:30.

The season that's on now isn't particularly good. Sometimes it is.

Now, 23:30 is much too late to go to bed if you're going to get up at 6am.

Yet, that's what usually happens. I can't NOT watch it. There's something about little drawn animations that I'm addicted to.

But, at some point I'm going to have a breakdown because every day I'm more tired than the one before it.

There's only one solution: Not watching it.

Or is it worth the suffering?

UPDATE: Now that I've seen that episode of the Holy Land, in which Flanders takes Homer to Israel, I don't believe The Simpsons is worth anything. That episode is in my opinion the worst written episode in the entire series.

It is obvious they had only one objective and that is to have an attitude of mockery about religion. And no, even if you hate religion, you will not like this episode, because they were so dead set on ridiculing religion, in particular but not limited to Christianity, that they were too blinded to make any actual jokes, witty commentary, or anything that was actually amusing in the slightest.

The whole episode was just garbage from beginning to end.

Bart skateboarding on the Wailing Wall? Do they have any idea how impossible it would be for Bart to jump onto the wall from the bottom? They obviously had no idea what they were making the episode about.

And that Porky pig remark was not just not funny at all, it showed the attitude of the writers, which is one of total and complete ugliness. The writers and makers of The Simpsons are really ugly inside. Nothing redeeming whatsoever.

Which was sad.

Anyway, bye to The Simpsons from me.