FUNNY RUBBISH: Cucumber juice: Horrible in your mouth, good in your system

by Jakes Gillenhal

Cucumbers are good, good!!! So said some self help cd set I had somewhere.

So, I decided I'm going to juice cucumbers for myself.

I juice them in the juicer.

What's cucumber juice like you say?

Actually the taste is pretty horrible. You have to get used to it first.

The first time, you might want to puke.

However, you do feel good once you got the whole glass full of the stuff into yourself.

Pretty soon you become accustomed to the taste, and even enjoy your cucumber juice. It's not quite like Coca-Cola, but you feel good having drunk something much healthier than Coca-cola.

So now, I love my cucumber juice. It's just a shame it's heck to keep buying it just about every second day, because a cucumber wilts in about two days, so you can't keep a stock or something. You have to buy it fresh.

Old cucumber is of course HORRIBLE to make juice with. It will put you right off. It's like the cucumber becomes acidic or sour or bitter or some combination of icky.