FUNNY RUBBISH: Getting slim by never eating again

by Maverick Jameson

So my fat brother tells me today that finally he knows how to get his fatness under control.

We've heard that quite a few times but he ended up being fatter every time.

Once he tried running 50 kilometres in two days, thinking that all the burning of energy will do it. Well, he couldn't walk afterwards and all the impassiveness made him even fatter. Anyways, his greatest problem is Coca Cola is just too delicious and he must drink it every day. Can't blame him because Coca Cola really is delicious. But anyway.

Today he tells me one of his most fantastic ideas yet: He's going to stop eating for three days. Eat nothing. Zip.

According to his thinking, his body will "feed off itself".

I said no. Don't do it. He said yes. He's going to do it.

Come tomorrow, he's going to start. So I'll either have a dead brother or somebody who gets so hungry, he binges and ends up yet fatter. I think we're looking at the latter. We'll see.