FUNNY RUBBISH: Do duvets make delicious giant pancakes?

by Larry Styles

My friend next door uses a washline in my yard. He washed his duvet (as he likes to call it, his "do vet") and hung it on the washline.

Aah, how lovely, a pretty duvet on a washline that will dry and he can sleep on non-stinking bedding again. Clean as a field of flowers. Sniiiiiiiiiiffff.... aaaahh..

Then of course our two big dogs decided to make a meal out of his duvet.

I don't know why but from time to time, these two dogs decide they need to rip something to shreds. I still don't know why they do that. Is it like a psychological thing?

Bottom line is, only tiny shreds remained of my friends do vet. He can now sleep much colder at night.

I'd like to punish the dogs but they look at me all oblivious to anything, just very happy to see me. Always panting happily and wanting to play.