FUNNY RUBBISH: Should the poor be taxed more heavily?

by Pravin Jordan

Since the poor masses make the value of property in their general area go way down in value, shouldn't the poor be taxed more heavily? A property-devaluing tax might be just the thing to save the economy, or more specifically, the real estate market.

In most societies, the people with the highest income pay the more heavier taxes. Yet they are the people who make the contributions that make the economy soar.

At the same time, the poor may not do anything whatsoever to stimulate the economy, and yet most of them don't pay any taxes because their income is too low. Still, they act like the earth is for humankind to live on it for free!

Perhaps we would have a better world if a system was adopted where the more money you earn, the less (or none) taxes you pay. This way, everybody would be motivated to take part in the economy and really perform well, so that they may reach a point where they can live tax free and have all the money and freedom they could possibly imagine.

Everybody would strive for a better, busier economy!

But then again it might lead to overworkedness whatwith everybody striving to be the highest income earner in their area.

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