FUNNY RUBBISH: Two minute noodles: Yummy, then gagga, then yummy again!

by John Noodlehead

Two minute noodles.... whom among us have not enjoyed this heaven sent nutrition?

Not sure how nutritious it is, but I hope it's very nutritious since I eat it a lot. Please warn me if there are any damaging chemicals in it.

I discovered two minute noodles for myself about a year ago. Before that I knew people ate it, I just didn't. But then I started, and I was soon addicted to it.

It's just so easy and quick to make! And delicious!

But, soon I grew so tired of it I could throw up at the mere thought! I couldn't eat another bite. Just thinking of the flavoring and something about it, made me resist the mere thought of it.

I stopped a long time.

Then finally, today I tried it again. It's actually nice!

The lesson is: When eating two minute noodles, eat it no more than once every three days or you will grow tired of it.

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