FUNNY RUBBISH: You think I'm good? I'M BAD I TELLS YA!!! BAAAADD!!! Bad.

by Jesse Sutherland

Can anyone tell me howcome all actors, entertainers and singers who play good people on television and movies, want to go off and fight nail and tooth to destroy their reputation as good people?

Let's see... there's Miley Cyrus. Having played Hanna Montanah, which was sort of a good person although she's always lying about who she is, Miley went on to try desperately to look like somebody not tame, beautiful or good, but to look like a cheap slut with questionable values.

There is John Stamos. Having played Uncle Jessy on Full House, he went on to try and play some slutty man whore who does sick things during his womanizing.

Anyway, there are others but I can't recall them this moment so I'm going to stop here. I think the guy who played Harry Potter also tries to be someone stupid or whatever now.

Why is it so bad to have a good image that needs to desperately be destroyed and replaced with an image of some monster? Is it to be successful in their careers or something?