FUNNY RUBBISH: Google Streetview: Go for the ride of your life!

by Justin Rodwick

I just discovered something that's been there for years, but for some reason I didn't know about: Google Streetview!

Now, Google Earth was all about looking at satellite images stitched together, so you could look at your house roof only from above. It was fun for a while but then turned ordinary.

Now, there's something a lot better. It's Google Streetview.

Google Street View is like Google Earth, except you can now also pretend you're a flying robot that flies through the streets. You can see your house from the street angle, instead of from above.

And, if you're lucky, you were standing in view of the photo when it was taken, so you actually appear with your house! But most people aren't there at that particular moment. I've just been seeing random members of the public who happened to be around.

So far, I've taken a tour of my old birthtown and looked at my old house from my street. Then, I went to look around my school. Then, I followed the street to my current house. Then, I flew around some more, looking at some of my favorite places like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

If you'd like to start flying around the world's cities, go go it now. This is Cape Town:


Just put in your own search terms to find your town.

By the way, if you don't see it from street view but from above instead, just click on the little yellow man or zoom in.