FUNNY RUBBISH: Winter has its own charm

by Sally Spectra

I love the summer and always have. I can't deny that.

But, I think I love winter more. I don't know why. The atmosphere is just so different.

The sun shines, but it's not a blazing hot scorching sun. It's a twilighty sun.

There are less insects flying around, and less mosquitos that want to destroy you.

I can wear snuggly clothes. Like a nice soft long coat. It's almost like snuggling in a blanket, just easier.

No lightning storms. This is a big one. Lightning storms destroy every electrical item in the house. In wintertime, nothing is destroyed by ligthning.

The grass is yellow and white, instead of green. It gives me nostalgia for some reason, kind of like a sepia picture.

The trees look like ghost trees with their branches sticking out all over the place, with no leaves.

So yeah, I love the feeling of winter. It's charming.

But, summer is good too and extremely beautiful.

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