FUNNY RUBBISH: My fight against chaos... a battle I always lose!

by Sir Lorden

I love a clean house. I love a clean office. I love a clean workspace. I love a clean dog. I love everything to be clean. And of course, orderly.

Nature on the other hand has its own ideas. It blows dust over all my fine things. It makes fleas move into my carpet. It makes my dog think rolling around in crap is a daily chore.

It makes the crickets come into my workplace and die, so they're all over the place. It makes the wasps fly in, only to not go out again and then die and lay around all over the place. It makes the rats nest in the ceiling. It makes the water in the bathroom dry, leaving limescale behind that need chemical treatment to get off.

Anyway, why is it man is always in conflict with nature? And he must be, for if he isn't, he doesn't survive? It's like we're out of place on this planet.

On the brighter side, what I did accomplish this morning is to clean one of my bathrooms. It's not perfect but it looks much better than before this morning.

So, at least I feel there's progress. Even though I know the dust is settling there as we speak, I have made peace with it that nature hates me :)

Now I just have twenty other rooms to do. I'll do one every day.