FUNNY RUBBISH: LIZARD FOUND ON MARS!!!! WHAAAAA!!! It's coming to eat all of us!!! Save me!!!

by Jazz Spazz

So, they were slithering about on Mars all along, just waiting to pounce on the first humans they could find, and devour them whole!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Anyway, enough about that Japanese movie about the giant space lizards that eats humans. Let's get back to the topic:

So some folks believe they have spotted what appears to be a lizard on Mars. And yes, it is indeed a Japanese person.

The anonymous Japanese person studied photos taken by the Mars Rover, and notified the site UFO Sightings Daily about the lizard.

Well I tried to find the picture, but found several during my search, so I don't know which one is relevant. It's probably one of these:

Ah the imagination of some people when viewing rocks.

Then again there are those who claim that the Mars footage is all faked by filming it in a desert on earth and giving it a slightly reddish tint, so it's possible that not only lizards but any nearby earthly animals can get into these photos.

Search for Devon Island if you want to know what likely stands in for Mars in all the NASA Mars Rover footage and photos.