FUNNY RUBBISH: 3 top tips for losing weight

by Sam Pennington

How to lose weight... well, there's a million and one things to know!

So, having to know that much you won't want to do anything anyway because it's just too much overwhelming.

Fortunately, Dr. Oz, now aging rapidly, or seeming that way to me since I've last seem him, has three tips that I found in an online interview:

1. Cut out white food: White sugar, white rice, white flour - not enough nutrients but lots of calories.

2. Eat proteien within one hour of waking up. (Eggs are most common but protein shakes will do too.)

3. After your evening dinner, don't eat anymore. There was some reasons given in the interview but I didn't really pick them up.

If all else fails, all that's left is to daydream and wish you were this guy:

Ah to be so fit. Must be nice. Well, back to your own life.