FUNNY RUBBISH: Discount!!! Whoohoooo!!!! Ok, maybe it has to do with expectations

by Mark Ching

I bought myself a calculator watch so I can add up all the item prices as I load them into my trolley at the store. This way I'll know when I reached my target spend.

Well, it went a little stomping and pushing so far, but we're on track.

First time or two I go to the store, I forget to put on my special calculator watch.

But today, for the first time I remembered! yay! Now I could commence my wise target spendings.

So, I count up all the item prices on my watch as I add them to my cart.

I end up with five hundred and sixty five.

I stop and go to checkout.

There, the total is only four hundred and eighty something.


whatever happened, I like it because it's like I got an automatic discount. It's better than couponing baby!!! Yay!!!

Ok, so maybe I just added it up wrongly or something. Maybe I brushed the calculator watch against something and it added some stuff.

Whatever. I don't know really, but since I expected to pay more, I was happy that it was much less.

And that's the way to save!!!! Yay!!!*

*Actual saving may not work this way.

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