FUNNY RUBBISH: Can't stop petting my maltese poodle

by Kevin Sweefarend Wannabe

I have an uncut maltese poodle. With that I don't mean it's not circumsized. I mean I don't cut its hair so it looks like a sissy dog. Mine looks more like a furry lion or something.

Anyway, I can't stop petting it. Every half hour or so, I have to open the door and call it.

Then, it comes in and jumps on the sofa.

So I sit on the chair next to the sofa.

Then, it lays down so I can pet it.

Then I pet it until I can't pet it no more.

And then, just when I think I'm done, I look at it again.

Then, its cute face and furryness makes me want to grab it and pet it some more.

Then usually I have to get back to work so I open the door so it can go out. I call it back in in an hour or two so I can repeat the petting exercise.

I really feel better whenever I've petted something.

I love petting my maltese poodle.