Credit card budget fascility: Isn't it neat?

by Lorden Schmidt

I hate debt. I hate it. I don't want to make debt.

A credit card was even more senseless to me. You buy something now on debt, and you have to pay it back the end of the month? I assume the idea is that when you get paid at the end of the month, then you pay for the thing you bought a few days earlier in the month.

So like, why don't you just wait until the end of the month and buy it then, instead of making debt?

But ok, so maybe it's something you need now. We're not going into that now.

However, that brings me to the "budget fascility".

I never knew what the budget fascility was, until my bank paid me back money in exchange for using the budget fascility.

So I used it without knowing what it does.

Well it turns out you can buy something and then choose the period over which you'd like to pay it back. It can be as long as 60 months (5 years).

So, I started using it for expensive items that I couldn't pay back in one month. Like a large hard drive.

Spread over 5 years, you pay a teeny amount per month off. It's almost like you got the things for free. Ok, maybe not free, but for a handful of change every month.

I now love the budget fascility. It gives me as much as 5 years to pay off something. Not that I'm going to actually take 5 years. When I get money in, I'll pay it off as much as I can.

It's just easier not having any of that pressure of having to pay off your entire credit card at the end of the month or risk seeing severe interest piled on for late payments and all that crap.

Note: I do not recommend going into debt for things you don't need for survival!!!