FUNNY RUBBISH: Can't stand MTV anymore because there's no music? Here's where to go now...

by Harry Pendula

So, in case you haven't noticed, MTV, although it stands for "Music television", doesn't have any music videos on it anymore. How different it is now from the 90's!

Instead of the music videos, there's now all the shows for drunk retarded shootheads, who get pregnant at 16 and laugh at other dumb people's pain depicted in funny videos, and who's being catfished by who on the internet, and Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore which are good for one or two episodes and then you realise the whole thing is pointless, who's fat as crap and can or can't lose some weight, etc.

Well I'm talking about MTVe anyway. That's the European MTV. I suppose the original American MTV is in the same state. Not sure why they even call it MTV anymore.

But, let it not trouble your mental state. For, there is a solution, for now anyways:

Simply switch to VH1-Classic.

Yep, VH1-Classic now plays all the things we saw on MTV in the 90's. And the 80's. And sometimes the 70's. And the 2000's.

So, that's currently the channel I'm viewing. It's goooooood good!

Viva la good musica!!! Yeah. Can't beat the 90's especially when it comes to good music!