FUNNY RUBBISH: Laundry every day? How filthy am I living!!

by Sandy Cook

I used to think I can wash my laundry once a week.

But that soon turned to 10 to 14 days, because I always kept putting it off, especially when it becomes a lot to do.

Well, soon I started hating doing it, because it's like a truckload at a time.

So, I decided, what if I do it every two days? Then it should be about 8 items at a time. Two shirts two pairs of pants four socks two unmentionables and perhaps one jacket or gown or pair of shoes.

It's been going better since then. It doesn't take a lot of time to hang up because it's not that much at a time, even though I do it every two to three days so it's more regularly.

However, the past week it's been every day. Now it's starting to become a lot again.

I'm still trying to figure out how I'm doing an entire basket every day. Where does everything come from?

Well the jacket is from spilling soup on me. The fleece is dirty because of messing on myself while I eat. The clothes are from changing clothes during the day whenever I need to go to town or wear something civilized. The other jacket is from climbing rocks on which those little furry creatures have urinated. The pajamas have been needing a wash for some time now. And so on and on.

Bottom line is, it's staggering through how much clothes one person goes in only two days. Especially if like me, they don't notice they're messing on themselves with their food and drink and dog on their lap and petting the animals and cleaning the house getting dirty in the process.

Should I try to get less dirty?

Naah. Why change my life? I'm happy as it is.