PEP Home Living Essentials Foil Print Readymade Unlined Taffeta Curtain

by Clark Dickens

The Pep Home Living Essensials Foil Print Readymade Unlined Curtains was a recent good buy for me.  These curtains look very good, stylish, yet they don't break your budget.

I discovered these recently when I wanted to replace my bedroom curtains for style purposes.  The old ones were very nice, but I think maybe I'm tired of them and they don't really fit the theme of the room that I have in mind. 

So I was on the lookout for nice, stylish curtains, and during a trip to Pep stores I came across the foil print taffeta readymade curtain.  I never even realised that Pep Stores might be a possibility for getting sylish curtains from, but then I ran into them unintentionally in the store.  These curtains look good and they're not too expensive;  about R100 (US$11) for one. 

Note that they are unlined though, so if you would like them to completely black out any light from outside or make it impossible to see inside from outside, you will have to use your old curtain liners.

I purchased two of them and took them home.  Then followed the strenuous exercise of hanging curtains.  That is the only part of this exercise that I would like to forget.  Hanging curtains is one of those things that is very nice once it's all over with, and you can appreciate the work of your labor, glad that it's finally over and done with before your arms collapsed and died. 

So anyway, that being over and done with, I also had to put the linings on.  The linings go onto the same rings by the way.  With these curtains, you'll also need your own curtain hooks, as they are not included, but you should have curtain hooks anyway from your old curtains. 

Viola!  Here is how these "foil print" curtains look like:

They shine a lot when the sunlight or the light from the camera flash hits them.  Otherwise they are just a dark gray with a little lighter repeating motif on them.   They're a soft material, and not plastic like a shower curtain as they might appear in this picture above.  The shine is from the flash of the camera. 

Beautiful, if I do say so myself! 

Dimensions of one curtain:  140 cm x 281 cm drop

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