FUNNY RUBBISH: Purdey car seat coverings make car look snazzy

by Jakes Wendell

Well my car seats got quite dirty. And they were quite boring to begin with. Just a gray with slight thin yellow patterns on it.

So, I fixed it by purchasing car seat coverings!

So they were ok for about ten years. Then they looked crap.

Well, that's easy enough to fix: Get even better and nicer seat coverings!

So I did. The ones in the photo below.

They make my car seats look all techy and space shippy and beautiful.

I love these metallic seat covers. And they're not just covers, they're also padded so you sit all gentlelike.

I'll want to spend more time in my car now just to sit on one of these metallic seat cushions and stare at the others. Good thing I like being in my car. Enough music to keep me company.