FUNNY RUBBISH: Knorr Cup A Soup: Add boiled water, throw down hatch. But do I like it?

by Soupy Drinkini

On my quest to find meals that are really fast to prepare, I inevitably came across Knorr Cup a Soup.

Soon I also found the flavour I like most: The Cream of Chicken.

This is a thick creamy instant soup. You just add boiled water and stir until you make a mess. Then drink it very slow as it is very hot.

It certainly is easy to make.

However, is it that enjoyable?

Well, the first few times, I simply loved it.

However, as time wore on and I enjoyed more portions of it, I don't know... it's like one's system builds up a resistance to something in it. It's not quite like boiling soup from scratch and adding soup bones etc. There's still something not quite the same about it.

So right now, I don't know if I like it. I would want to find out, but I really don't feel like it so I don't want to make me a cup.

What is it that my system is rejecting? Mmmmmmm...

Well they say on the packaging there aren't any preservatives in it, nor added MSG. Whatever MSG is.

So it's not preservatives that make me feel like it's not quite home made soup.

Maybe I'm just fickley.

I know I'll eat it again some time.