Monetizing videos with Dailymotion Partner Program: How much money can I make uploading videos to Dailymotion?

by Dailymotion Scam Exposer

You might have heard of Dailymotion. At some point somewhere it was claimed that Dailymotion is the second biggest video uploading site, right after YouTube. So I read somewhere anyway.

I'm sure we all know about YouTube's monetization options: Via a Google Adsense account, one can make some money with advertisements showing on your videos.

But then you get that dreaded email one day out of the blue stating that your Adsense account has been disabled, permanently, and you cannot ever register for one again. Or, as is common now, YouTube demonetizes, shadow-bans, outright ban and completely deplatform anybody who isn't a far left extremist or communist terrorist, or anybody who doesn't fully and completely support anti-white racism and the destruction of Christianity, Western culture and the destruction of the livelihood of anybody who exposes the lies of socialist dogma. Not to mention anybody who votes for Donald Trump.

So you might start looking at other options for monetizing videos. One being the Dailymotion Partnership Program.

How much can you actually make with Dailymotion? As much as with YouTube?

The answer is simply no. Not much at all. I will tell you of my unpleasant experience with Dailymotion, and how they ended up stealing the little earnings I did make.

I think currently their "Partnership" agreement states that you will get 10 per cent of the advertising revenue generated. 90 per cent goes to Dailymotion. Does that sound fair? No. You must do the work and create the content, and then not get much at all, seeing as Dailymotion does not see as many viewers as YouTube, simply because they're not as popular.

For about five years I had a Dailymotion account, and have been earning a few cents here and there.

The most money I made with them was when they were still doing VOD (Video On Demand), through which viewers could buy your uploaded videos that you selected as offering for sale to the public.

However, Dailymotion then subcontracted that out to a third party I can't remember the name of, and then after a while dropped the VOD function altogether.

I had a few dollars accrued after five years, but Dailymotion will only pay out after you have more than $100 I believe it is. So I didn't receive any of it.

But I still believed in Dailymotion and kept uploading for what it's worth, sometimes earning a cent here and there.

And then one day, suddenly out of the blue, without any notice whatsoever, Dailymotion simply took away my Partnership status. I could no longer view my stats and earnings, because the ability was gone.

Thinking it might just be a technical glitch, I emailed Dailymotion support, only to be answered by one of those completely irrelevant form letters of reasons why my "partnership application was not approved". These "reasons" included the normal "copyright infringement" and about three more I can't recall right now, all of which are completely irrelevant to the case at hand. I know all these things and have NEVER, EVER broken any of those simplistic rules.

So of course I wrote back and said that it's not that my "application was not approved" - I have been approved for many years now. I was asking why I cannot view the stats or enter the Partner area on the website.

Somebody wrote back saying they will "investigate" and get back to me.

Of course months later, nobody ever got back to me, nor have I received my earnings. I'm afraid it's obvious now that Dailymotion stole my earnings and have no plan to ever pay it out or reinstate my partner status.

So I'm afraid all I can conclude is that Dailymotion's "Partner Program" is a scam. Do not join it. EVER. You won't make much and then Dailyscam... I mean Dailymotion will likely steal what you did make, without a care in the world.