Fiverr.com A Good Place to Find Freelance Graphic and Logo Designers?

by Henry Jenkins

Finding affordable freelance graphic designers - has fiverr.com made this possible, or are you going to waste your money?

That was what I was wondering recently, and found my answer.

You may have heard of fiverr.com, or you may have clicked over now because of this article.  Basically fiverr.com is a site where people will do freelance tasks for $5.  Well actually that's $4, since the other dollar is allocated for fiverr.com themselves. 

On this website, you will find that people will do all sorts of things for this $4, from writing your website name on their bodies and sending you a photo of it, to giving your website a review video, to giving you facebook likes, to drawing you pictures, to singing you a song, to recording voice-overs, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Famous YouTuber Pewdiepie for example hired two Indian guys on fiverr.com to record themselves holding up a sign that reads "DEATH TO ALL JEWS" whilst doing their signature laughing like crazy creatures. Not sure how useful that necessarily is, but hey I suppose if folks in the media can demonize white people in just about every single piece of material they release, white people can't be blamed if they have any kind of anti-whomever messages they feel like. Not really my thing but let's not try to put boundaries around creativity.

Recently I started revamping my website, and thought that perhaps it could be a good idea to have a professional logo done for it.  I've always done my own website logo designs, but something told me that it might be interesting to see what other people come up with.  Perhaps I could find an idea for a logo I would have never thought of myself!  It's always good to see how different people think about the same thing. 

And so, I looked for logo designers on fiverr.com and judging from their sample pictures and client votes, I selected three that seemed at first glance to deliver quality work. 

I paid and gave them all a long brief for my logo and what I'm looking for, and I felt that certainly from that brief they must feel the kind of energy that the logo should bespeak?  Yeah.  I thought so.

So, what quality of work did I get from these fiverr.com supplied graphic designers?  Did they provide me with logos that would remain eternally unimprovable?  Was I going to fall in love with fiverr.com because of the experience and hire from there forever more?

I could barely contain my excitement.  I thought my website revamp was going smoothly, whatwith a great logo design contracted out to three designers who posted samples that bespeak unfathomable quality.

Even if one of them didn't quite deliver, surely I was guaranteed success with three? 

The three designers I chose for example posted these pictures of sample work with their listings:

Oh wow, how fantastic!  Obviously a very talented individual.  The perfect choice!

Another one had these:

Superb!  Just the mix of simplicity and complexity I need! You can tell the designers were very qualified.  

But my favorite designer seemed to be the one who had a sample that bespoke immense class and quality (unfortunately by now they have removed their sample, so I can't post it here. However, it can be described as a wonderful coat of arms, with amazing details in all its decoration, that simply screams "I am respect and quality all rolled into one!").

Oh, how could I ever go wrong with these talented people!  I couldn't contain my excitement whilst having to wait for the deadlines for the jobs to finally arrive. 

So, let's skip to when all was said and done.  What were the results?  Fantasmagorical wonders?  

Well, one of the designers was a no-show. Only on the day of the deadline she wrote that she is out of town and we'll have to cancel. How professional. Or unprofessional, if you're not one for sarcasm.  

Another one is not much of a speller, and delivered a rather uninteresting way of writing my website's name, WITH A SPELLING MISTAKE IN IT, with some sort of big figure 8 lying on its side as decoration. Whatever that's supposed to symbolize.

After asking her if we could try another idea and do a revision, she came up with more uninteresting website name writing with some picture of a buddhist or some irrelevant thing tacked onto it.

And the third logo designer, the one with all that class and quality sample photo, came up with an intricate masterpiece, consisting of my website name typed onto a black background. Kinda like your 4 year old niece would do it in Windows' built-in "Paint" application. No decoration, no nothing. Just the name typed in yellow on black. Yeah, wow, far too complicated for me to do that myself!

Basically there was no similar quality between their advertised samples and the garbage they submitted in the end. In honesty, one would believe that these "designers" stole those pictures and misrepresented themselves completely. It was all a complete waste of my money.

The end of this was that I just had to spit in my hands, rub them together, and do my own website name/logo design. 

In conclusion, what kind of quality logo design did I hire from fiverr.com? 

Well, I couldn't figure out if the descriptive terms of either "terrible" or "ghastly" would be suited, so I just combined the two and would describe it as "ghastible". 

So, if you're looking for ghastible graphic design, or GGD, consider fiverr.com :)  Sounds like an illness or disease, and it sure feels like it.  

Would I still buy jobs from fiverr.com?  Yes, probably;  there seem to be things that are just so delightfully innovative to buy into - BUT NO LOGO DESIGNING!!!  Argh.

Check out the jobs available on fiverr.com now! Have something done today, necessary or unnecessary alike!