FUNNY RUBBISH: Portrait Professional: Turn humans into freaks!

by P. Ortraire

So, I'm sure by now most all of you have seen the advertisement online for the software program called "Portrait Professional".

You can turn an ugly woman into a model it seems.

However, since about a year ago, I've been seeing these advertisements, and in the earlier ones, there were just moderate tweaks done on the photos shown. Like skin made smooth, eyes made brighter, lighting fixed etc.

Lately however, it seems these ads have gotten more extreme. The most extreme one I've seen is a woman who looks human, turned into some freak made of some smeared powder, and her eye sockets and eyebrows and eyes made big and alienlike.

Frankly, I now think they make humans look like freaks.

And what is up with this anyway? Do we just have to admit that humans are too barkfuglyingly ugly and are unacceptable to be shown without being made into unrecognizable non-existing models of non-human entitities?

I mean sure as a species we're so ugly and gross, but shouldn't we just accept that that's what humans look like and post our likenesses as it is and just man up and try to keep in the puke?

I think yes. I say to these software companies, why should I make my own picture unrealistically beautiful before I post it online, just so people even barkfuglyingly uglier than me can stare at it and perhaps post their own non-realistic masks???


Stop denying the ugly.