FUNNY RUBBISH: How to make money instantly online

by Manny Manny Manny!

We all have a dream of making money online instantly. Very few of us ever realize this dream.

There are very many reasons why you may not be making the money you want online. Some of these reasons may include that you're not doing anything online to actually earn this money and therefore you do not actually earn any money online.

There are very many was you can make money online. Some of these include but may not be limited to:

1. Join sites like fiverr.com where you can sell your service for 4 dollars. The site itself takes one dollar commission so even though people pay 5 dollars for your service, you will get one dollar.

2. Write articles online. Article writing can be done on a pay per article basis, which will earn you the most money, or it an be done on what are called "revenue sharing" sites, which pay you a small few cents of the advertising costs.

3. Join photo sites like DepositPhotos where you can upload your photographs and sell them. The photos that make the most money are photos of money and pretty women and business people, because lots of online scams and schemes will buy these types of photographs.

Do not post more photos of your dog or of sunsets or any other such things. These things are too common and yours will never make money buried along with all the others.

4. Sell webspace.

5. Sell advertising space on your website. It is easy to get many visitors to your websites by being active on social sites.

Warning: Avoid "investment" type sites. These are scams and the ones that aren't scams won't work out and will have to silently disappear with your money.

Now you may ask, are any of these ways "instant"?

Well, the answer is that is about as instantly as you will make money online. Money don't just come flying to you.

Make sure you have a paypal account all set up where you can receive your payments. Of course if you aren't of a far, far, far, far, far left political orientation, to the point where you screech at a photo of Trump or something insaner than that, paypal will withhold their services from you. In such a case you might find another payment processor that can be used.