FUNNY RUBBISH: Jamlosia: What did you think of this movie?

by J. B. Lion

So what do you guys think of Jamlosia?

I thought it's pretty cool. The acting is nice, the girls beautiful, and the story really well thought out.

Some critique though could be that this genre has been done to death. Pretty girl has her dreams and she's with this guy who holds her back and wants to keep her to himself, and then she meets somebody else who opens her eyes and she can finally be free and be who she wants to be, and then dies tragically after some success.

I also think in today's time we might have had quite enough of this cool music, pretty music movie things whatwith Glee, Mama Mia, Glitter, and High School Musical to a lesser extent.

Then again, can there ever be too much music in the world? There are only so many notes, yet it seems people keep churning out new melodies. That baffles me.

Still, a very cool movie and I give Jamlosia a 4 out of 5.

Ps: The photos above are not from the movie Jamlosia. But they could very well pass for them.