FUNNY RUBBISH: Infra red: The pretty invisible color

by Fred Herring

You know what I find really cool? Infra red.

What actually boggles me about it is that we call it infra red, and yet we can't see it.

So how do we know that it's red?

If you can't see something, how do you describe the color?

It is here where we refer to the Delfordt's Dictionary of Science on "coleur-classifis-invisialia". It's Latin for Invisible Color Classification.

It tells us that if something exists, but it cannot be seen, the color given to it shall be, an in this priority:






I guess Infra-red therefore got the first and best color on the list.

Now I'm going to keep using my television remote control, using an "infraRED" beam to work, even though it's invisible and doesn't shine a red light on my television when it's working.