FUNNY RUBBISH: The elephant and the hare

by Harro There!

This morning I found one of my favorite childhood books again.

It's a story about an elephant and a hare.

I'm going to tell you the story now because I simply have to share it, it's so beautiful.

So there's this elephant and this hare. One day the hare says to the elephant,

"I say ye serpent nosed creature, faster the one I am that can run past you!"

The elephant trumpets once.

The hare continues:

"Faster than thou wind from east to west, speeding past ye flesh, zooming to one horizon!"

The elephant trumpets twice.

Finally, the hare put his words to the test:

"And at the third trumpet, we shalt come to the final conclusion, observe mine words carefully, serpent nosed creature, for they shalt hold truth that can and never shall be denied!"

The elephant trumpets again, and tremors start to envelope both of them.

Unfortunately the last pages of the book are torn out so I don't know anymore how it happened. I just remember it was very dramatic, and I shall cherish this book as a part of me forever.