FUNNY RUBBISH: Should you dress sexier the older you become?

by Calliby Stylez

Hello there!

Now, it's a common fact that as you get older, you get ugly.

Ugliness can be caused by getting fat, getting spotty, getting saggy, gradually losing teeth, hair losing color, and all such things that come with age.

On average, getting ugly happens at around age 34 and upwards.

Around age 18 to 25, you are naturally beautiful, and should show as much of yourself as you can, including a well endowed body, beautiful hair, beautiful smile, beautiful skin, and so on.

But after that, you should start hiding yourself with clothes as much as you can.

The way to be sexy now is to wear beautiful clothes that actually distract attention from what is actually you.

Wearing an oversized t-shirt with a beautiful, dramatic print on it can hide your ugly fat stomache for example.

Or having a beautiful, sexy, oversized black jacket can hide your sagging frontal parts. Or so we hope anyway.

So, in conclusion, if you want to be beautiful after age 34, you need to invest in clothes or become a thing nobody could possibly respect.

PS: For the love of grandmas, don't take this article serious.