Vintagelooking clockwork tin toy wind up drum playing robot: Yay!

by Marius Vlakofski

Don't know why, but there's something really fulfilling about winding up a tin toy and then watching it come alive, usually very noisily, until the spring is unwound again. Such a rush!

Well, here's is the perfect example of such a toy. There's a silent amusement when looking at it, and then of course at some point you have to wind it up with the provided key and watch it play its drum as it walks around almost dancily:

I love wind up tin toys like this. It looks good and is good for photography work as well as video work.

Only problem is with the feet of this robot. They have these long metal pieces on the inside, I suppose for better balance or something. However, sometimes while the robot is doing its walking cycle, two of these metal pieces on opposing feet might collide and then stop the robot dead in its tracks.

I solved this problem by carefully bending them around to the soles of the feet first, and then very carefully bending them back, causing them to be on a slightly different level each than they used to be.

Now the robot walks much better without getting stuck.

All in all, a very cute product. I've had it on the shelf in front of me for some weeks now, and it never gets old. Still a silent pleasure to behold.

If you'd like to buy yourself one, if they're still available you can get them here.