Probike Pbk M1 Bicycle with City Bike Design

by Bardy Speedo

Cycling is great exercise! It's also an environmentally safe mode of transport to consider.

If you're looking for a bicycle to start out with, you might consider the PBK M1 bicycle by Probike.

The bicycle is easy to purchase as it is packaged in a single box you can load onto your trolley in the supermarket, and load into your car on the back seat. The box can be seen in the picture above. Now, initially when you load it into your car, it won't fit. I do not know why this is. However, keep trying to move it and turn it slightly until you finally through some miracle manage to close the door. Once you've closed the car door for the first time, the box will fit in, even if you stop somewhere, take it out and put it back in. It will now fit very easily. Guess once you've tamed it, it will be submissive to you.

Your new bicycle has been assembled and tuned at the factory and then partially disassembled for shipping. Therefore, you will need to do some minor assembly when you get home.

Firstly, you'll have to remove all the packaging and cartons taped to the bike. Then you need to follow the instruction manual to attach the handlebar. There is this tool that is included, that can stand in for three spanner sizes and a screwdriver. However, you may find that it's easier to use your own tools.

Insert the saddle and then fasten the front wheel to the frame of the bike. Make sure the front wheel is equally balanced on both sides.

The pedals are pretty easy to put on. They are marked R and L for right and left.

Now follows a part that is tricky if you've never assembled a bicycle before. I am of course referring to getting the brakes and their cables in place.

What you might want to do first is to take your own pliers and squeeze shut the little metal tips that are supposed to hold the cable tips together, as these slip off easily and immediately your cables "fluff out" at the ends. These tips need to be closed properly with the use of pliers so they don't do this.

If you need more help to easily get the brakes cables in place and adjust your brakes to the right settings, which can be tricky, you can follow my follow-up manual to this piece, coming in a day or so. I'll post the follow-up here when it is available.

Lastly, all you need to do is to inflate your tires. A foot pump is easiest and quickest, although any bicycle pump will do fine too.

How is this bicycle out on the road? Well, I took it out into the veld onto some rocky gravel road, thinking that after the first trip I'll have a flat tire or two.

However, pleasantly surprized was I when the tires were still intact and looking (and smelling) brand new, even after a second trip and counting.

It is very easy and great fun to cycle with the PBK bicycle. Feels light and fast.

It's also quite aesthetically pleasing. It comes in silver and red, or silver and blue. It also says "CBD - City Bike Design" on the frame, written in stickers.

Keep this bicycle outside in the garage though and not in the house, as for the first week or three, the rubber tires really give off a very strong rubber scent. I suppose this is part of the new smell and will diminish with time.

I love this bike!

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