One of my absolute favorite coffee drinks: MOKATE 3 in 1 Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee Drink

by Hendrik van der Westhuizen

It's not often that I say I absolutely love something or find it utmostly delicious. But then, I tried the MOKATE Caffetteria Café Irish 3 in 1 coffee drink.

It comes in the form of a bag with 10 sachets in it, each of which you tear open and pour the ready mixed powder into a mug and add water, or in my case, hot milk, and stir.

Utmostly delicious!

I loved every moment of drinking it.

I would suggest you limit yourself though to only drinking one of these once in three days or so, so as not to get tired of it (and so as not to get overweight from any such sugar containing products).

Very easy and convenient to make. The sachets are pre-cut and are very easy to tear open.

The flavour of the drink is nailed perfectly. It tastes like alcohol but obviously there isn't any alcohol in a dried product for it would evaporate I imagine.

For an even more delicious drink, make with hot milk instead of hot water. Deeeelicious!

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