Why Pewdiepie still beats Marius Mooikasteel in amount of videos and views

by Marius Mooikasteel

So about three months ago I get the inspiration to do like Pewdiepie and such folks who make videos every day, coupled with an idea of making a reality series about my life which was already in some stage of preproduction. Plus some videos I already made that starred me in my natural surroundings, and at work making films.

Above: Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg)

Long story short, I decided the format shall be like some YouTube folks and gamers who greenscreen themselves into the footage of what they're talking about. I'll talk about things I do that I find interesting and some more things, like a weight loss self challenge thing (the inspiration was a contest I was planning to have with another online friend of mine to film or photograph ourselves over time as we lose weight and we see who loses the most the fastest, but he seemed too chicken to do it so I'll just do it with myself in my own videos). I even decided to gain 10kg first so the first couple of kilograms are easy to shed to get started.

But then I ended up gaining about 30 kg. But no matter because it would be even more fun to lose more weight. There's something inspirational about losing weight. Must be the media hype telling us not to carry any reserves of stored energy on our bodies. Are they even right for doing so?

Anyway, so I get ready my beautiful greenscreen/bluescreen studio that somebody online said looks like pictures from a magazine, complete with a cardio gym and beautiful scale for "The Fatness Report", which would be a segment on the videos about how much less I weigh every week, and I set up my purdey 4K camera to be ready to film daily, and set up beautiful sound equipment to play great music for off camera to exercise by, and so on and forth and on and forth.

I even set up a retro gaming station for sort of gaming videos but just really very short enjoyable segments of enjoying retro re-editions.

And a nice big TV for showing movie clips that I made when I talk about filmmaking. Everything really beautiful and ready to start making a great run of amusing videos for hopefully a long time to come or until such time I lose interest.

Then the evening before I'd start the project, I step into a building next door. Suddenly the world starts roaring and sounding like a non-stop thundering and I look out the window and see a 50billion miles per hour wind is ravaging the earth around me. Is this what manipulated weather looks like? This sure as hell can't be natural. It's pushing the trees flat onto the ground and destroying everything in its path and I think well now the world has ended so no more adventures on earth.

Then comes the horror as I see my beautiful MooiKasteel movie studios having the entire roof torn off like a piece of paper and pieces of the walls fall in. Poor place never stood a chance.

And all I can think of is MY 4K CAMERA IS IN THERE!!!!!!! I can't afford to buy that again. As well as basically everything else that was in there. All the money I spent on everything ever is now gone forever.

Well soon the crazy wind is gone and I run outside because it looks like it's going to rain next and I need to go see what I can save in my once beautiful studio before the rain destroys it further or that insane wind decides to come back.

On the way in the dark I see the roof was thrown into some trees along with the rigging for the now smashed and mangled lights.

Anyway I use some torches to light up what was the inside of the studio. As can be imagined it's total chaos in there. The wind has strewn everything everywhere and things were smashed and broken and some pieces of bricks was thrown off out of the walls and did tremendous damage where they flew. The scale I had set up because of its beautiful dial, was destroyed by a piece of concrete that smashed that dial in and broken the glass and the poor thing will never be the same again.

But my 4K camera!!! It's still standing in the middle of the chaos, standing all proud on its tripod. Can this be? Well there is a merciful God. In case you were wondering. Some stuff literally fell and broke right around it, but missed the camera and its still in one piece. That's the most important piece of equipment to make videos with.

So as soon as I could force myself to carry on with life and resist the shock paralysis, I was carrying salvagable things to safety deep into the night. And the next three days. Since there's no roof now and some nasty weather, I could basically leave nothing. Now my bedroom and living room and basically everywhere is such a huge pile of stuff, it looks like those houses on that show Hoarders. It's driving me crazy because everything is now in chaos and becoming filthy because it's impossible to clean.

But we're slowly rebuilding. By now we managed to get a new roof on my studio, so thank goodness for that. But now we have to do everything else over including the entire place's lighting and the green and blue screen and all the lighting surrounding it as well as a huge list of details that make me impatient because I want it all done now already but circumstances don't always give me what I want so I'm a little frustrated now and in a horrid depression.

As for the videos I was planning to make, obviously the entire process was now disrupted. There would be no making a video every day or two now. Everything I planned was now to the moon. Not to mention my finances is drained. I had to ask my father for money to buy new lights this past week. I haven't blatantly asked my father for money in decades. Felt weird to have to do it again. He said he gladly will but it's the last time.

But, disrupted or not, I started making the videos anyway. Not as frequent as I'd like, and not in the good conditions that I'd like, and not about the subject matter that I thought I would, but they're there.

The first video is now about rebuilding my studio that was all but destroyed, and replacing the roof. Probably not the most upbeat of subjects, but then again rebuilding is a positive subject innit. Yes it is. So I like this first video.

You can view this video here entitled "MOOINEWS: Hurricane X destroys movie studio building".

And in The Fatness Report section, I weigh 129. Which is obese but I started recently at 136 so there's positivity in the negativity. Especially considering I could not do the cardio sessions I had planned to do in my studio gym. (The Fatness report section have since been decided against as a piece in every video, and will instead make up one video all by itself to focus on the progress.)

Every second video shall be something from the past, while every first video shall be new. For the second video I used the first scene from a video I already did that somebody online called a scene from Bambi.

You can view this video here entitled "BAMBI LIVE ACTION: A new home for Swartwitpens".

I'm making the third video right now about washing the dog. Yay! Very exciting I guess.

I just use a blue bedsheet for a makeshift temporary bluescreen now. Not quite the same as my trusty ol' proper studio, but that's life now.

You can view this video here entitled "Splish splash I was taking a bath".

But anyway, why talk about it when I can show you. Did you want to see the video about putting the roof back on my studio? Want to see my other videos? Below follow the links to my channel currently called Marius Mooikasteel. Thanks reader bro!

Here is my YouTube channel - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I need at least 1,000 subscribers if the channel is ever going to be monetized, according to YouTube's prerequisites.

So in conclusion, because of all the delays and problems that needed dealing with, I am still lagging way behind Pewdiepie in terms of views and subscribers and amount of videos I have been able to upload. But I'll get neck and neck with him in a few years :)